Fabrika e Veglave PLUS. was founded in 1965 as a factory for the production of various Tools and Electrical Appliances and within this factory there were over 400 workers. The factory has been well-known in the regional and wider market for its quality and success as a renowned factory and we are striving to continue this tradition even after privatization.

We have privatized this plant in 2006 and we are continuing with a growing pace for expanding production and increasing quality. We have made great investments in establishing new production facilities within this factory by expanding the productivity and variety of services, and we have also expanded the staff with new and specialized staff in our field of activity.
We are certified according to ISO 9001-2008 standards and all our products are of high quality worked according to these standards.

The  Factory area are in the capacity of 11,000.00 m2 and are equipped with all the necessary conditions for the development of production. From 2006 onwards we have continued manufacturing and expansion of games of products and services, and this trend is always on the rise. We think that our company meets all the parameters to develop business with European standards, since even the machines that we as a factory possess are perfect and their production capacity is very large. The wide range of products we produce has made us enter the market very convincingly and very large cooperation with all
Kosovar companies. So far we have very good cooperation with the countries of the region, but our goal is to increase this cooperation even more since we think we can meet the demands of the European market and beyond.


Our mission is to establish strong relationships with customers and potential customers wherever they are, to support their business and to improve our manufacturing capabilities by offering them high-quality products and services and solutions that will support their growth.


Our vision is to become a leading company in Kosovo and to create a strong presence of the Company in the foreign market as well.

As a Company we consider that despite the favorable conditions and wide range of machines we have for business development, we also need a lot of new investments in this field so that we can keep up the trend with companies in the European market. Also taking into account that Kosovo has enough employment potential and with the youngest age in Europe, we consider that bringing the latest technology machinery and organizing staff training for the use of these machines would be a great success in Kosovo in business development and would have a direct impact on achieving success and expanding the market even outside Kosovo. We are open to partnership and we will support you in all forms to move forward, so our Company will be the leader in the European markets. We are determined to turn our Company towards the top of our success so we are looking for your support for such a thing and we ask you to invest in us because such an investment would be a solid investment and a

an investment that would bring a lot of fears to results, as the activity
of our Company is an activity that guarantees a success